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AR700 from CGS Handschug GmbH Fully automatic Bus, Trucks & Train- Recycling station for R134A with Twin V oil scale Compressor, Data base, heat gas injection, touch screen, computer
EAN Code: 4250675643033

Latest genereation of refrigeration and air conditioning service.
Fully automatic service unit: suction, waste oil discharge, nitrogen,
Vacuuming, vacuum pressure test, oil / UV filling, refrigerant filling,
Fully automatic.
This allows you to optionally process any safety refrigerant,
Simply initiate internal cleaning. Through the internal Windows computer
All service data are saved.

- Pressure and temperature recording.
Temperature sensor optional
- Each service is stored for a plant,
After input of e.g. No shield, see you immediately
When and what service you did.
-Extensive database with BUS ZUG NKW.
- Integrated dishwashing machine, first appliance series with
Cleaner (special oil-based rinsing medium)
Nitrogen pulsation and refrigerant rinsing.
Air conditioning and dishwasher in a 100% cleaning.
- Fastest filling machine of its time (120Kg / h)
  (A 10kg system takes about 5min to fill)
- Extremely strong dry running 1PS compressor,
We offer one of the fastest devices
  Suction and filling of an A / C system.
- During suction, heating gas is injected around the
Freezing the A / C analogs.
This allows even faster suction
- 10L nitrogen bottle can be placed in the appliance.
- 15 "touch screen Monitior, optional 10" Monitior
- WLAN mini PC, Windows 7 (optional 10),
Including WIFI 16GB SSD Atom processor N270 1.6GHz
1G DDR Ram, single channel DDR 800 667 MHz
Memory support Onboard LAN 10 100 1000MB

1. Suction capacity: ideal value 97kg / h) with
Heating gas injection (AR700 & AR690)
2. Filling capacity: 120kg / h (measured value at 20 ° C
On a bus air-conditioning system.)
3. High-performance vacuum pump: 177l / min
(Optional 280l / min possible)
High performance vacuum pump two stages for the
Continuous operation, in a short time you generate
Through two stages a very deep vacuum 0.00002 bar.
5. Recycling tank: 40 liters; 30kg TÜV tested.
6. Electronic scale with weighing capacity: 100 kg
7. Filter capacity: 60ml of water
8. Compressor Power: 1PS V- Engine Dry,
(No expensive damage caused by excess oil)
10. Working temperature: 5 ° C 45 ° C
11. Temperature measurement: Optional
12. Optional vacuum sensor.
13. Hoses 3m. Optional 6m and quick coupling
14. Nitrogen or forming gas pressures in the
Fully automatic mode with expression
15. 10 liter N2 or forming gas bottle fits into the housing
15. All service data are stored in a database
Stored. (AR700 only and optional AR690)
16. High performance dishwasher, fully automatic with cleaner, nitrogen and refrigerant in one.
17. Weight: 100kg, dimensions LxWxH 64x64x120cm


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